Cat Care

Cat care is done strictly according to your cat's choice.  Some cats like attention, play, grooming, cuddling.  Others would rather have their basic needs for food and cleanliness taken care of and desire no further contact, at least initially

Price per Visit $20, additional cat $3 
Dog Walking                                                     

Pack dog walks are off leash and last a minimum of 1 hour.

The pack is never bigger than 8 dogs, most commonly 6 or 7

Price per walk, $22.  Additional dog, $5
Puppy Care

Is aimed at helping you learn about your puppy's basic needs and how to effectively communicate with your puppy

Price per Visit $30
Puppy Selection

To ensure that you acquire a dog that fits your lifestyle and taste relative to temperament, breed characteristics, size and more

Price per visit $35
Puppy Training 

Carried out in your home, aimed at teaching you how to train your dog in proper elimination, and simple commands such as Sit Stay, Come etc.

Price per Visit $30
Potty Breaks

For young puppies or house bound dogs. The breaks last a minimum of 15 minutes and you are ensured that your dogs' needs are taken care of

 Price per Visit $15


Pet Taxi

In our comfortable, air conditioned and heated vehicle.

Price per Run $25 plus $.50/Km over 5Km