A Word About Bow Wow & Meow

What to Expect

Careful attention.

Upon meeting with you and your pet, I will make sure to get to know your pet's special needs and requirements. This knowledge is essential in assuring the happiness of your loved pet.


Genuine concern.

Having been a pet owner all my life I am aware of how close and important is your relationship to your pet. While under my care, your pet becomes my pet

Experience and commitment.

I put my 15 years' worth of experience in pet care at the service of our beloved pet.

Animal welfare has been part of my entire life.

Bow Wow & Meow is a professional pet service provider.  Established in 2003, my mission is to provide you with superior care for your precious pet.  

I am guided by my long experience of animal care and by being aware of the latest research in dog behaviour.  My approach to the care of your dog is to treat it with a lot of love and respect, which are repaid by the dog many times over.

Each dog is an individual and receives special attention from me  My dogs get to know me and love me because I treat them with understanding and consideration for their own nature.  

All  training is done only with positive reinforcement, praise or treats.  As a result, my dogs are happy and self assured.